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Passion. Experience. Diligence.

As a bus and limo operator, your goal is to grow your business.

Part of that involves expanding and refreshing your fleet. When that time comes, you want an easy, transparent and efficient finance experience so that adding vehicles feels effortless. 

You want a finance partner that understands your business; answers all of your questions quickly, clearly and truthfully; and gives you time and attention after the deal is done. 

That’s what I wanted when I was a limo operator working with my dad in South Jersey in the early 1980’s helping to manage and grow the business in Atlantic City.

When I became VP of sales for one of the industry’s most respected coachbuilders, I continued to deal with lenders to get our clients financed. This gave me another perspective on what operators deal with when adding vehicles to their fleet as lenders can be known for slow response times, giving vague answers and misleading quotes. 

There were times I wanted to rip my hair out (as you can tell by my current style), but the truth is that most in our industry are good companies who genuinely care for their clients. 

As my career grew, I was drawn to the finance side, spending the last 15 years as a lending finance manager. I’ve been blessed to learn and grow under the mentoring from some of the industries biggest names.

With all that experience and industry insight, I believe Expressway Capital can offer a better financing experience for operators, one that is operator-centric and understands the nature and nuances of the limo and bus industry.

Unlike other Industry Lenders, my 30+ years of firsthand experience in all facets of the transportation industry help me understand the uniqueness of our specialty market. 

Whether you’re a big, small or medium-sized company, you deserve an easy, transparent and efficient finance source to help you achieve your business goals. 

If you would like to chat and see if Expressway Capital Group can help you grow, just click the button below or call me directly at (213) 393-8480.


George Lee

President, Expressway Capital Group, LLC



George Lee of Expressway Capital


George Lee

(213) 393-8480